Adam is nothing short of AMAZING! Not only did he break down things simply for me he helped me build confidence. Within a month of working with him I had four offers, almost double my salary! I can’t recommend him enough and will keep him as a resource throughout my career.

Laura, Tech Sales

At over 50 years of age, I found myself in unchartered territory… I was out of a job.  For 8 months I was aggressively pursuing my next employer, flying all over the country, filling out painful assessments time and time again, working my network, spending countless hours preparing for interviews, and adapting my pitch each time.  Even with all of this effort, I came up short.  Specifically, I was a new candidate finalist for 29 different companies but wasn’t able to close to win the job.  My confidence was taking a beating and I was envious that previous colleagues of mine (Same skillset) were landing new great jobs.  Something had to change for me.

Adam and I connected via LinkedIn.  I was thinking about finding a coach but didn’t know what to look for.  However, I was impressed with Adam’s ability to quickly determine problems even on our first call. In fact, he sent articles that he had authored or other content that touched on the importance of simplifying my approach.  He picked up on the fact that I was spending too much time researching and collecting meaningless data on a prospective employers and not enough time positioning and working through my personal talk-track.

In follow-up sessions, Adam and I worked on developing a PERSONAL BRAND, MITIGATING WEAKNESSES, EXIT/ POSITIONING/ ACCOMPLISHMENT STATEMENTS, and ATTITUDE CORRECTION.  Brainstorming with Adam around these topics helped me to craft compelling messages that were subtle adjustments to what I was saying previously in interviews.  It also prepared me for the difficult questions with stronger answers that shifted attention to my strengths.

Now that I have landed a job, I’ve decided to continue to work with Adam to assist in the transition and planning of my new role.  I believe that everyone needs a career mentor and everyone needs to surround themselves with a “Personal Board of Directors”.  Adam is on my personal board of directors because of my trust in his valuable insight.

I recommend Adam with the highest degree of credibility.  If you find yourself lost in the complex process of finding a new job, please invest in time with Adam.

Drew, Enterprise Sales

Adam gave me the tools to find and interview with companies that aligned with my passion. He gave me the confidence to apply for the role that I wanted, even though I felt like companies were ignoring me because of my small amount of experience. Within the space of three weeks, I contacted a manager in a company that I liked, interviewed for a role that suited me and signed a contract. Adam’s careful listening and guiding, helped me unlock the potential that I knew I had somewhere deep inside me. I’m so grateful for having worked with him and would recommend him to any of my friends, family or colleagues.

Brian, Tech Sales

Jenn, Tech Sales

I recently finished my first set of sessions with Adam, and I can honestly say that I’ve been blown away by how incredibly helpful he has been to me thus far. Adam is extremely insightful, understanding, and inspirational. He consistently picks up on things about me that I’m not necessarily even aware of, and he helps me understand how my past experiences could be driving certain reactions, behaviors, and feelings that may be holding me back. Having his help with processing these issues and figuring out how to move forward is invaluable. 

In terms of coaching style, Adam is gentle and understanding, yet is very motivating. He can help you develop an action-oriented plan and can guide you through the nuances of a mid-career transition. Adam has supported me in building up the courage and endurance required to pursue what I am actually passionate about. When I first contacted him, I had no idea what to expect from working with a career coach, and was not sure how much benefit I would derive from the experience, but after finishing up my first set of sessions, I have to say that I believe I would be in a very different place without his assistance. I am very glad I contacted Adam and have him as a resource as I navigate this complex journey.

Susan, Epidemiologist, Non-Profit

I’ll start by saying Adam is absolutely the real deal. I’ve never hired a career coach in my life until I met Adam and I’m lucky to have made that decision. One week before my first job interview I felt unprepared, unfocused and inadequate. I decided to book Adam for a session. He accommodated my need to deliver an interview with only a week’s time. It was an incredible experience.

Adam essentially guides you towards stepping into your best potential as a professional and as a person. I got the sense that he really wanted me to succeed and that was extremely important to me. Once I was finished with Adam I felt completely convinced I was going to do amazing. Sure enough I got the job! I credit Adam 100% for my success. Invest in yourself and hire this guy today.

Marco, Environmental Engineering

Moving to a new state along with transitioning to a new career can be tough that why not only getting a career coach is important but getting one that has specialized in your field of transition is even more crucial. 

I knew exactly what I wanted to do in terms of my career transition but maneuvering myself and understanding what was needed to get my foot in Tech was becoming increasingly frustrating. 

That’s where Adam came to my rescue, after analyzing my resume, LinkedIn and my techniques, he easily identified the problems areas in my approach to my job search. 
After the first session, I felt a lot more focused, encouraged and relieved as I was confident, he knew exactly how to guide me in this challenging transition. 

After only three sessions with his guidance toward my branding and interview skills, I was able to land a job last week. I highly recommend him if you are interested in a career in Tech, he has worked for the top companies in the San Francisco Bay area and fully understands what is needed to succeed in this competitive space. 

Thank you so much for everything!​

Roya, Tech Sales

In today’s modern world there are many directions you can take with a career path. Working with Adam was extremely helpful for me. By following Adam’s guidance I was able to focus my efforts and discover a path that felt right for me. 

Adam’s coaching armed me with simple and sharp tools, which I could use to tackle the obstacles of branding, networking, skill, and culture fit. These techniques will leave you a sharper more focused person after each session.

If you are debating trying a career change program, I would encourage you to give it a try. 
I am thrilled about the direction of my new path, and can’t wait for the future.

Erik, Music Industry

Adam creates a unique environment every time we speak where I both feel like anything is possible and I learn a lot about the things that drive me.

As a product designer working on news credibility at Facebook, I’m expected to be on 100% of the time. With that has come a lot of questioning of what my strengths and weaknesses are as well as what I’m really truly happy doing. Adam has been instrumental in giving me tools to organize these thoughts and make them into actionable experiments that I can learn from. Through an interesting mixture of philosophies, real world experience, and time-tested practices he’s led me to a better understanding of myself and of where I shine brightest.

Adam’s demeanor made me instantly comfortable opening up about topics that I’ve played close to my chest in the past. Because of that we’re able to dig in and do work that is incredibly impactful and has started shaping my future. I honestly can’t thank Adam enough for helping me uncover my own ability to shape my destiny.

Earl, Graphic Design

Adam is an extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, and encouraging career coach. Searching for the right career can be overwhelming, however Adam always kept the goal clear in sight and made every objective seem tangible. He taught me very useful skills for my resume, networking and interviews. Every coaching session left me feeling more and more inspired.

Mallory, Healthcare

I connected with Adam as a coach at the right time. I was feeling stagnant in my career and creative goals. I work in Advertising/Media sales, but have always maintained a strong interest in creative writing. Adam not only helped me re-surface my passion for writing, but also guided me through a process of clarifying my professional goals, to put me on a great new trajectory.

Now, I’m back in school studying my passion and I’m doing better than ever in my professional work. If you’re looking for a coach that understands multi-faceted individuals, complex careers, and challenging decisions, Adam is your guy.

Nick, Tech Sales
I came to Adam already having an idea of the career I’d like to pursue so I wasn’t starting from scratch. Adam helped me pay closer attention to those things that fuel my creative side and bring me closer to my authentic self.

Casie, Project Management

I have been working with Adam over the past few months and he has been instrumental in helping me map out my career trajectory. He listens intently then uses that information to ask me questions that help me re-frame how I view myself and my career.

Instead of getting bogged down by the enormity of career decisions he was able to breakdown everything into smaller attainable goals.  With his help I have a better understanding of where I want to go and he has provided me the tools to get there.

Chris, Customer Success

I met Adam at a networking event right as I was graduating from college, and as I still didn’t have any firm offers lined up I felt that I needed someone to help get me re-jumpstarted into the job search. Adam was an excellent blend of pushing me while encouraging me not to burn out from doing too much.

Although I have read countless amounts of advice online about job searching, Adam pulled me back to the core foundations of job searching and helped me verbalize what exactly I want in a job and then how to start getting there. Once I started getting call-backs, he helped me appear personable on those calls and interviews by helping me tell stories that connected me with the recruiters I was speaking to. Today, I’ve got multiple job leads that are highly likely to result in offers and a firm view of what I want in a job and how I plan to get there.

If you’re a young professional or new graduate like myself who knows what he wants but is uncertain of how to verbalize and then act on it, or if you are uncertain of what you want to do, Adam is definitely someone you need to meet with. He’ll help you figure out what you desire and then provide advice on how to get there.

Marshall, UCSD Graduate

Working with Adam has been tremendously helpful. Our conversations made clear the types of activities and experiences in which I feel fully engaged. The key theme connecting all of these activities for me was that in each one I felt a sense of ownership and creativity. Through these conversations I was able to see more clearly that having the ability to feel creative in the workplace is the key driver in feeling fulfilled by the work that you produce.
Adam later provided me with a concrete list of job ideas / tracks that more closely aligned with the activities that I am naturally drawn to. Working with Adam has shifted my mindset of job satisfaction from one of resigned disenchantment to hopeful action. I can confidently say I am closer to finding a career that makes me happier on a daily basis after having worked with Adam.
Reid, Tech Sales

I had my first appointment with Adam today and I already feel like he has helped me so much! He is clearly a great listener – he listened to what I had to say and asked questions that helped move me in a forward direction. He gave me his advice on next steps and also helped me to narrow down my big picture goals.

He summed up my top priorities at the end of the meeting, based on what he was hearing from me, and he nailed it! Some of those thoughts have been percolating inside my brain for a while, but it helped to hear it from an objective party. So glad to have Adam as a coach!

Elisha, Higher Education

 Adam embodies what I consider to be the most important qualities of an exemplary career coach: passion to help people grow, an innate curiosity, highly attuned listening skills, the ability to guide others through time tested frameworks, and the right level of reinforcement to push his clients forward.

Adam does a great job at helping to manage trade offs, but also advocate for your truths to find the right course of action to realize your full potential. I have been able to better understand my inner voice and test how it can play out realistically.  I recommend Adam to others looking for someone to help them access their gifts and bring them to the world.

Ryan, Advertising

A friend of mine connected me with Adam when I was going through a career change. At that time, I was unhappy with my role at the previous company but wasn’t sure what my next step was. Adam helped me sort out possible career paths based on my passion, interests, and personality. Through Adam’s guidance, I became clear about where my next career step was.

I also became more confident with my interview skills after working with Adam. I was not 100% confident in presenting myself during interviews. Through taking through the problems with Adam, practicing some techniques and adopting some tips provided by Adam, my interview skill was significantly improved. As a result, I ended up getting multiple job offers.

I highly recommend Adam to my friends who are looking for a career coach.

Han, Accounting

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